Sterile, cellulose-based lubricant without any active substance.

Product Description

Sterile solution extremely easy to handle, which makes it ideal to use in different contexts such as homecare, medical practice, or surgery environment.

Developed to assist the insertion of catheters and endoscopic instruments in urological or gynaecological procedures.

Defined as a sterile solution with an above-range tolerability, ideal to be used in patients with active substance-use limitations.

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Medical device classified as Class IIa, rule 5 according MDR 2017/745.

Sterilized by gamma irradiation, pre-filled syringe.

Ready-to-use and easy to handle.


With no active substance.



Water, glycerol and hydroxyethylcellulose.

Intended use

Intended to lubricate body cavities prior to the insertion of catheters and endoscopic instruments in case of urological or gynaecological procedures.

Cleanroom ISO 6

Produced in a controlled environment

Medical Device

Class IIa –rule 5


Box 10

Volume: 10 mL

Items per box: 10

Ref: HYDLUB10.010

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Box 50

Volume: 10 mL

Items per box: 50

Ref: HYDLUB10.050

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Made in Portugal

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