Designed to enhance the quality of life for colostomy patients, this innovative two-piece device consists of the Plate C3 and two designs of bags (Capsule C3 and Night Bag C3) that enable a controlled release of gas.

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Product Description

Built with an innovative flange that combines a degassing valve attached to a compact disposable bag system and a removable cover, Hydrustoma® C3 boosts patients body image, self-confidence, and comfort.


Medical device classified as Class I, rule 1 according to MDR 2017/745. Short-term and non-invasive device. Biocompatible.

Conformable hydrocolloid designed for ostomy applications with excellent skin adhesion.

Size of Ø 40mm and volume capacity of 600 mL.

Intended use

Hydrustoma® C3 devices (Plate C3, Capsule C3 and Night Bag C3) are two-pieces ostomy non-sterile single use devices intended to collect stool and evacuate gas from the body through a stoma located between the large intestine (colon) and the abdominal wall in colostomized patients. These devices are intended to be used by adults (lay persons with a stoma diameter equal to or below 40 mm and healed peristomal area).


Plate C3

Transparent embossed polyethylene; medical-grade hydrocolloid; white polyethylene-protected paper; green polyethylene plate; silicone valve.

Size of Ø 40mm

Items per box: 5, 10

Ref: HYDC3P65.05

Ref: HYDC3P65.10

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Capsule C3

Folded coextruded five-layer bag (EVA and PVDC); white polyethylene body and cover.

Volume: 600 mL

Items per box: 10, 15, 30

Ref: HYDC3D65.10

Ref: HYDC3D65.15

Ref: HYDC3D65.30

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Night bag C3

Bi-laminate bag (coextruded five-layer bag and green non-woven); white polyethylene body.

Volume: 600 mL

Items per box: 10, 15, 30

Ref: HYDC3N65.10

Ref: HYDC3N65.15

Ref: HYDC3N65.30

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Made in Portugal

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